An ultrasound produces sound waves that pass into the body and sends echoes back to produce images of the internal structures of the body. These sound waves are not harmful to the body or a fetus. Ultrasound can also show internal motion such as blood flowing through the veins and the heart beating. The sound waves are produced from a microphone like device that the technologist moves over the area to be examined.

The following is an explanation of a typical exam. Exams may differ based on what your physician has ordered. You will lie down on an examination table. A water-based gel is applied to the skin over the area to be examined to block any air between the skin and transducer, as well as to eliminate friction on the skin. There are ultrasound procedures that require placing the transducer inside the body to get a closer view of the area being studied.

Preparations may be revised or altered at any time. Please confirm specific preparations for your study upon scheduling your examination.

Ultrasound - Preparations
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